Advertise on Pandora Radio or SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio


Advertising on Pandora

Pandora is an online audio platform that gives the listener the power to program personal customized radio stations.

Radio advertising has never been this targeted! Pandora offers advertisers a premium advertising environment with precise targeting. Looking to reach 35-54 year old men that like country music? Done. 25-54 year old woman in Texas and New York? Done. When you advertise with Pandora, you are offered one display ad per page and three audio ads per hour. Pandora gives advertisers access to targeted demographics. We can select by age, gender, location and genre. Plus Pandora provides full reporting, tracking and ROI measurement.

Pandora is a great way to advertise but another innovative way to find affordable national radio coverage is through Satellite Radio with SIRIUS/XM. With over 22 million subscribers, SIRIUS/XM offers another unique marketing portal that may solve a lot of your advertising problems. From Howard Stern to FOX NEWS, SIRIUS/XM has many proven direct response channels that also target specific demographics.

To advertise on Pandora radio or SIRIUS/XM satellite radio, contact Berk Marketing Radio & TV at 866-747-4707