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What The Sean Hannity Show Can Bring to Your Business

The Sean Hannity Show is a daily radio show that is broadcast on over 500 stations nationwide. His show represents an enormous market for direct response radio advertisers looking to get their brands recognized by consumers.

His Listeners Are Your Customers

Sean Hannity has been a household name since the early 2000’s, when his radio show was initially syndicated in America. With a broadcast that is delivered across the country, he is championed as one of the true voices of conservative American politics.

His fan base is made up primarily of conservative-leaning individuals, who outnumber their liberal talk radio listening counterparts almost two to one. In short, Hannity’s audience is made up of a group that outnumbers other talk radio demographic groups, and statistically tends to respond more aggressively to direct response advertisements.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The Sean Hannity radio show is broadcast on over 500 stations across America daily and reaches more than 13 million listeners. His weekly television program on Fox News, his three New York Times bestselling books, and his live appearances all serve to bolster and grow his radio audience. For advertisers, there aren’t many shows that have the reach and potential ROI that this program represents.

At Berk Marketing, we focus on becoming the marketing partner for our clients’ direct response advertising needs. If you would like to advertise on The Sean Hannity Show, or any other broadcast, let us help save you money. We take great pride in our ability to leverage our experience in the radio industry and help your business succeed. Contact us today at 866-747-4707 and see how we can help your business grow.

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Sean Hannity Radio Advertising


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