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Want to buy national radio advertising to an affluent demographic audience? You need to find out how to Advertise on SIRIUS XM Satellite radio. The merger of SIRIUS and XM has changed the media landscape dramatically! Advertisers can now reach over 36 million listeners throughout the US. SIRIUS XM reaches over 19 million subscribers and growing. Advertising your product or service on Satellite radio is one of the smartest ways to gain affordable national exposure.

The great thing about SIRIUS/XM is that it WORKS! Your ads reach people that are listening in primary listening locations, their automobile! Depending on your budget and demographic target, commercials can be aired on giant news and talk channels such as FOX News, CNN, ESPN, CNBC, PATRIOT, CNN Headline News or Comedy Channels like Laugh USA and Raw Dog, and of course HOWARD STERN.

Advertise on SIRIUS XM

We always recommend SIRIUS XM Satellite radio as an efficient and highly effective way to run national radio advertising.

Berk Marketing can help bring new customers to you with an affordable “National” high frequency advertising campaign on SIRRIUS/XM radio. We will write and produce a compelling sixty second commercial message, then develop and execute a strong and effective media plan using channels specifically targeted to reach your customer demographic profile.

If you listen to the news and information channels on SIRIUS/XM, then you no doubt hear the many ads that run consistent campaigns.   The reason is because when you advertise on SIRIUS/XM, it delivers results.

If you are interested in finding out more about advertising your business on SIRIUS XM Satellite radio, then please contact Berk Marketing for a complete rundown on everything that you need to know.   Advertise on SIRIUS XM by calling toll free at 866-747-4707.

Advertise on SIRIUS XM 



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