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Internet Radio Advertising

Internet radio advertising

Internet Radio Advertising is a great way to stay connected with potential new customers. It was not that long ago that unless you had a special antenna, listening to your favorite radio station in an office was not always possible. Today, we can now wake up to radio, drive in the car with radio, and listen to that same station through your phone or computer, anytime, anywhere.

The radio ads that you hear online are not the same ads that you hear over the air. This becomes your new opportunity to reach more listeners and gain more exposure. Internet Radio Advertising offers tremendous benefits.

Less expensive

Online radio spot rates are typically priced at 1% of the ON AIR rate

Greater reach
Where you go, the ads go. No longer are you subject to reaching your audience in drive times only.

Captive listeners – One on One Marketing
What better place to reach you potential consumer than through a headset. Talk about One on One Marketing!

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Berk Marketing Radio TV is an independent media buying/direct response agency. We can put your radio ads on any radio station in America, on line or over the air.