Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is one of the most stable marketing platforms available for business owners. Radio plays a big role in the daily lives of Americans. We wake up with it, drive with it, work with it and go to sleep with it. Where we go radio goes with us.

Radio advertising is targetable
Depending on your specific customer demographic, you can overlay the correct radio format with your core consumer. Every radio format attracts specific age cells and demographics. Some formats skew young, others older. There are formats that target men and others that reach more women. If you know who your key demographic customer is, then it can be very easy to select the correct radio station/s to advertise with.

Radio advertising is Accountable
It used to be that 50% off all the advertising spent was wasted; we just weren’t sure which 50%. Determining the source of leads was always frustrating. Technology now makes it easy for anyone to accurately measure the response and track ROI in real time. Websites such as allow advertisers the ability to track their expense and see which media source is generating the best return on investment. If you are advertising on more than one radio station, then we suggest using a unique toll free number for each media. For as little as $2.00 per month you can buy a trackable toll free phone number that will give you important data as to which media is most efficient to you.

Radio Advertising is Immediate
It’s a Monday and you want to have an ad on the radio tomorrow! A good radio marketing firm can essentially write a new script, produce the spot and execute the media buy within a few hours. Of course last minute media buys are not the norm; the fact that it is possible makes radio advertising the GO TO media for immediacy.

Radio Advertising is cost effective
Radio advertising is a highly negotiable media. Most radio stations have a sincere interest in making it work for the advertiser. But they are also in the business of making a profit, so you need to be careful that you are not paying too much for their inventory. A good radio broker or agency will negotiate on your behalf to assure that you are paying a rate in line with market conditions and demand. Radio advertising rates are based on ratings coupled with supply and demand. Each week the rate can fluctuate dramatically based on many factors. Work with a good broker or advertising agency.

Radio Advertising is a great REMINDER
Why does McDonalds continue to advertise on the Radio? We all know who they are and what they offer. The reason is top of mind. Consumers are bombarded with information overload. We are stressed, busy and on the go. We forget what we knew yesterday. We constantly need to be reminded about what we already know. Radio advertising is all about frequency. Tell me once then tell me again. If I need the product or service now, then you have my attention. If I’m not quite ready for it, then I have become branded with your message. Consumers are in and out of the buying circle all of the time. Do I need new tires on my car today? Maybe not today, but eventually I will be in the market. Radio advertising acts as the great reminder.

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