Are Your Ad Campaigns Meeting Your Expectations?

When you make the commitment to begin an advertising campaign, of course you are expecting results. Whether those results are satisfactory for your business often depends upon the set of expectations you have established at the outset of your efforts.

Goal Setting
Your advertising campaign is designed to bring in new business and to generate qualified leads. The effectiveness of this campaign can be dependent on the venues that you select for your advertisements, the number of spots that you run, or even on the quality of the ads themselves.

When you are setting out to plan and commence a campaign, you should be looking at what your goals are, and ought to be, in order to determine the type and placement for your ads. Successful campaigns typically have a set of goals that are established at the outset. Nothing happens on accident in advertising, and this planning stage is critical to your success.

Realistic Expectations
We often have clients who come to us and have expectations that after embarking on an advertising campaign, their business will double its sales overnight, outgrow its offices, and suddenly have the need to hire frantically to keep pace with new business. While this has happened occasionally, this is not the general rule.

Setting up realistic goals allows you to create a concrete definition of acceptable ROI for your ad campaigns. Setting goals that are impossibly high will not only lead to substandard results, but can defeat the purpose of trying to measure growth and efficacy of ads in a given market.

An effective ad campaign (one that can bring measurable results and generate sales) begins in the planning stages by setting concrete goals based on reasonable expectations. Those of our clients who set out along this path generally find themselves well rewarded. Remember, once a campaign is successful you have the building blocks for the next step toward a further reaching and more profitable campaign.

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