How to Measure Radio Advertising Results

As we like to remind our clients, direct response radio advertising is not magic. Successful direct response campaigns are contingent on the careful planning and execution of your radio spots, followed by analysis of the effectiveness of your ads. Once you have placed and aired your spots, there are many ways available to track the results to be sure that they are actually generating business.

Measuring Advertising Traffic Flow

Generally speaking, your ads should be looking to initiate contact with your customers in the form of a conversation or a sale. Ideally you are looking to see a spike in traffic flow that will confirm that your ads are effective in this regard. There are many tried and true methods for this sort of data collection.

Here are a few of the most practical:

· Phone Lines – If your ads are listing a phone number for your customers to call, set up dedicated lines or extensions to handle the traffic from these ads. If each ad you run is listing different numbers or lines, then traffic generated toward these numbers should be relatively easy to ascertain. Also set up a call tracking service such as KALL8. You will be able to track all calls, run reports and capture data.

· Foot Traffic – Ultimately you are looking for customers to make a purchase and/or to take a look at your merchandise. If you operate a retail space, foot traffic can be a good indicator of the reach of your ads. Be sure to measure traffic before you run the ads so that you have a solid frame of reference.

· Web Traffic – Websites are statistically the first point of contact that customers now have with a company. Your website probably already has some form of analytics, or traffic tracking capabilities. Use these to determine if there is an increase in visitor traffic after your ads have run.

· It Never Hurts to Ask – Above all else, ask your customers how they heard about your business, your sale, your promotion. Often, the biggest mistake that businesses make is not asking their customers how they got to be customers in the first place.

One other important note is that you should always keep your tracking mechanisms in place for a time after your ads have run. Oftentimes, there is a delayed response to ads and you may see the positive effects a short time after the initial run of ads.

What do you think are the most effective tracking mechanisms for direct response radio advertisements? Have you tried these? Have they worked?

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