We create Radio Advertising Plans

Creating a Media Plan for Your Radio Ad Campaigns

With the exception of those extraordinarily lucky few, we haven’t seen many direct response radio advertising campaigns succeed without a well thought out plan behind them. The planning stage is the single most critical component in ensuring that your advertising dollars generate the results that your business is after.

Based on our vast experience over the years in the radio industry, we have identified several areas that should be the key parts in planning out your campaigns.


Your business should have a concrete understanding of what is possible and likely to come out of an advertising campaign. You should have a set of goals that you are targeting and methods in place to track the results of each ad. This will help you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase your ability to target with future ads.

Many businesses place unrealistic expectations on their advertising campaigns, and are disappointed when these unachievable goals are not reached. By setting realistic and achievable goals, we help our clients build on their successes to help their ads reach their fullest potential.


Choosing the proper markets for your advertising is a critical step in the planning process. This may sound like a no-brainer, but often ads are placed because of availability or cost with little regard to the potential market that they are presented to. Be sure that you are broadcasting your message to an audience that is the most likely to become your customers.


Demographic information is readily available and should be taken advantage of in deciding ad placement. In much the same way that choosing the right market for your ads is important, choosing a station which fits the demographic concentration of your customers is important as well.


Setting up a concrete system to measure efficacy of your ads is important in deciding whether the campaign met your set goals. Without measurement after the fact, how do you know if it worked?

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