Tips For Finding Discount Radio Advertising aka REMNANT

Advertising is imperative to the long life and success of any business. This is especially true when it comes to the small company. Products and services must be recognized by

Radio Advertising

consumers for sales to soar. Radio advertising is a productive tool for this purpose. However, the cost of radio advertisement can be rather expensive. Such costs can be difficult for the average small business owner to cover. Below are some tips for obtaining discount radio advertising which you may find helpful.

Determine your adverting budget
The first step in locating discount radio adverting is to determine the amount of money you have to spend. Many small business owners use 10% of gross as thier ad budget. Take your entire advertising budget and subtract the costs of all other avenues you wish to pursue. The amount you have left over is what you may spend on radio adverting. Once you have determined how much money you have to work with you may better search for blocks within your price range.

Determine which type of station best reaches your audience
This is an important step when it comes to purchasing radio slots. It is vital to place your adds on stations which draw your intended target audience. For example, if your business sales western apparel it makes more sense to advertise on a country and western station as opposed to an all rap set. Listeners who appreciate country music are more likely to appreciate and purchase the style of clothing you are marketing.

Practice the art of negotiation 
Once you have selected a station it is time to negotiate. Ask for quotes on time slots. Do not give up if these prices are out of your price range. Receiving discount radio advertising will require some effort. Do not be afraid to negotiate. This will not be offensive to sales representatives. In fact, stations expect customers to put up a certain amount of haggle. If they present you with an offer return it with a counter offer. Play this game until you reach an amount which you feel comfortable with.

Do not stop negotiations with simple price. Many stations may be persuaded to produce commercials as part of the purchased deal. You provide them with a copy of material and they will help you develop an enticing add. Ask that this service be included in the adverting package you are receiving.

Remain open to the idea of a contract
keep an open mind when it comes to the idea of signing a contract. Most stations will offer lower prices with the signing of a contract. Such contracts may range in length from a few weeks to a year. Normally, prices become lower as the time of contract increases. This will be a simple agreement to continue your add for the agreed amount of time

Ask for remnant radio spots
Remnant spots are those which the station has had no success in selling. These are empty spaces which need to be filled. As a result, they can often be purchased for a fraction of the original asking price.

Discount Radio Advertising aka REMNANT

The above tips may help you to secure discount radio advertising. Just remember to take your time when selecting a station. Do not rush into any agreement. Look over contracts well before signing. With the aid of patience and time you will be able to find a package that meets your needs for a reasonable price. Also, you may want to consider seeking the help of a professional marketing service which is experienced in radio advertising. Berk Marketing Radio & TV is an excellent choice. They can help guide you to advertising success.

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