It’s not Just What People Listen To . . .

When you’re thinking about starting a direct response radio advertising campaign, you already know that you need to carefully choose the station for your ads based on demographic and geographic criteria. We’re sure that you already know at least something about planning your campaign as well.

One of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of choosing the most effective venue for your direct response ads is not only choosing which programs people are listening to, but choosing programs based on how they are listening.

How We Process Information
Studies have been done regarding how people learn and process information in different ways. Radio (aural information processing) for instance, impacts a different part of the brain than television (visual stimulus) or other media. It has been proven that people pay much more attention to, and retain more information from, aural input. This means that someone listening to a radio program is typically more invested than one watching a television program – if, and here’s the important part, the listener is tuned into something that can be defined as a foreground listening format.

What Does Foreground Listening Mean?
Imagine the difference in yourself between having a radio station turned on playing music in the background of whatever you are doing and a radio station turned on that has a speech that you are interested in hearing. There is probably a huge difference in the amount of attention that you are paying to both of these broadcasts.

Foreground listening is the latter of the two previous examples. It is defined by a listener having to pay attention to what they are hearing and activating a certain portion of their brain that isn’t active when listening to background music. During these foreground listening experiences, listeners have been shown to be engaged in the materials that they are listening to, to almost the same degree as if they were having a conversation.

How Foreground Listening Impacts Your Ads
All of this is a long way of saying that when listeners are engaged in foreground listening practices, they are paying attention and are receptive to the messaging that you place within their favorite broadcast.

Listeners who are engaged in a program like The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, or Savage Nation are more likely to be engaged when they hear your direct response ads. They are more likely to respond to these ads and become your customers.

How to Place Your Ads Here
At Berk Marketing, we specialize in direct response radio advertising campaigns. We help our clients from planning to execution and help them understand the most effective markets for their ads using demographic, geographic, and listener type information.

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