radio advertisingRadio advertising is a very powerful and extremely efficient tool at generating new customers and prospects. An effective Radio advertising campaign will essentially tell your story in concise sixty second capsules, and if done correctly, will generate immediate response. How great is that? Let me repeat it… Radio advertising, can generate IMMEDIATE response. Okay, where do you start? There are so many radio stations. You start by determining which radio station/format reaches your target customer. If you are targeting adults 35+ news and talk radio are usually great fits. If you need to reach men, consider sports or classic rock. There are formats for women, for teens and formats for seniors. Working with a proven radio advertising media broker or radio advertising agency will make this task very easy for you.

Once you have selected the radio stations it is time to figure out what you want to say in your radio advertising commercial. Do you have a hook? What is the offer? Keep in mind that the greater the incentive, the better the response. Is it price? Or are you offering a unique service? If you are expecting phone calls you will need some kind of call to action. You need a marketing hook that stands out and captures the attention of the listener. Your radio advertising broker or radio advertising agency will be able to take your bullet points and creative sample scripts to review. For the most part, radio advertising consists of a series of sixty second commercials. You may think that a minute is a long time, but the truth is that we need sixty seconds to tell your story. Your story is told in three parts. First part is the introduction of your product or service. Second part is the offer and a reminder of what they just heard, and the final part of your commercial repeats the introduction and the offer, plus delivers the phone number and or website two to three times at the end of the spot. A big mistake many advertisers make is putting their phone number at the beginning of the commercial. NEVER DO THIS. Why would someone call a phone number when they don’t know what you’re selling? Always put the phone number at the end of the commercial. The final sixty second script should have a total word count at or near 185 words.

Once your radio advertising script is approved it is time to have it produced. You do not need sound effects or an elaborate production. All you need is a professional voice over artist. The pace of the read should not be fast but it should be powerful and persuasive during key aspects of the script. The final produced commercial can be sent to you as an MP3 file for immediate approval. The spot is now produced and you are ready to work on the media plan and placement. You will need to have a weekly budget number in mind so that your radio advertising broker can maximize the media plan. In most cases, you will not need a giant budget or multiple week commitment.

Depending on your niche and offer, a one to two week TEST is the best way to start. Small steps can lead to larger ones. There is no need to rush it or stress out about the spending levels. Radio advertising rates are highly negotiable. If radio station A is priced too high, then radio station B may be a better option. Rates are dependent on many factors including ratings, inventory supply and inventory demand. Again, your media broker or advertising agency will be able to do all of the media planning, negotiating and placement for you.

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