Relies on Berk Marketing’s Direct Response Radio Advertising Expertise to Drive New Prospects to Their Door


Radio Advertising Success Story

Berk Marketing has helped this gift purveyor double its size and save considerable marketing expenses over the course of their relationship. markets king sized plush stuffed animals and larger than life gift ideas for any occasion and has grown tremendously over the last several years. They’ve partnered with Berk Marketing for their direct response radio advertising needs since the early days of their enterprise and understand the impact that the right prospecting can have on a business.

“Peter really listens to every nuance of the business and understands what we’re trying to get out of each campaign. . . . Everything just works with him.”
– Mike Matsuka

Savings from the Start

Big Plush owner Mike Matuska says that he had some experience with radio advertising, but was getting discouraged by the enormous expense associated with his ad campaigns. When he got a call from Peter Berk, who had heard the Big Plush spots on talk radio, he was thrilled to discover that not only could he run his direct response radio ads more effectively and hit his target market, but that he could save time, trouble, and money in the process!

Working with Berk Marketing for his sizable direct response campaigns has been painless and professional, Matuska says. “The quality of the audio – music, voiceover – it’s top-notch. These aren’t run of the mill ads,” he says, adding that the quick turnaround and detail oriented focus of the work takes a lot off his plate. The combination of having a professional production partner and a connection that has access to the best rates and inside advice for ad placement has meant that Big Plush’s ROI on direct response advertising has significantly improved.

“We were advertising on the radio, but we were paying through the moon. . . .Peter saved us money right from the start and got us better placement, extras, and results.”
– Mike Matsuka

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. . . . . .

One of the tenets of any advertising, but of direct response radio advertising in particular, is repetition of ads. Matuska says that Peter has helped him place ads in the most effective target markets that run consistently over a period of time and win customers over by virtue of constant reminders.

Matuska says that more than 75% of his customers purchase from Big Plush after having heard the ads for several months first, proving the point that repetition is a must for a successful ad campaign. Striking a balance between finding an effective market and being mindful of budget considerations is why it is of paramount importance to have a direct response advertising expert on your team.

“Everything just works so smoothly with Peter. He’ll let you get as involved as you want to be in the ads – or if you’re in a hurry and just let him know what you need, he’ll get it done quickly and professionally.”
– Mike Matsuka

How Berk Marketing Can Help Your Business Succeed

Berk Marketing has over 33 years of experience in the direct response radio advertising field and has a unique understanding of what it takes to mount an effective ad campaign. If you are looking to bring customers streaming through your doors or to ensure that your brand becomes synonymous with the service area that you provide for – you need to talk to Berk Marketing today!

For a fraction of the price that you may think, Berk Marketing can help you implement an effective direct response radio advertising campaign and expand your customer base.

Contact the radio advertising professionals at Berk Marketing today at 866-747-4707 and let us help your business grow!