When it comes to effective radio advertising, Power Sales University and Berk Marketing Have Been a Winning Team from the Start

Direct response radio advertising on satellite radio news stations has helped this sales education company grow quarter after quarter.

Power Sales University

Radio Advertising Success Story

A leader in the sales training field, Power Sales University offers a unique and innovative sales training program for professional salespeople. They have achieved steady growth over the last year and spend their advertising dollars exclusively on direct response radio advertising. Partnering with Berk Marketing is the smart choice for Power Sales University because of Peter’s adaptability, focus, and experience.

“We’ve been growing since day one with Peter and as we grow and have a need for more marketing, Peter has been able to find us new and effective markets to meet our needs.”
-Jason Evans

A Specific Audience

Jason Evans understands the psychology of his customers and understands that they are a specific type of radio listener who are likely to respond if they are exposed to his messaging in a very specific venue. Power Sales University advertises exclusively on satellite radio stations with a focus on national news radio shows. Evans understands that his likely customers are the audience of these stations.

Berk Marketing helps Power Sales University get direct response advertising placement on these national shows while keeping the most cost effective strategy for placement and timing in mind. Both Peter Berk and Jason Evans understand that the foreground listeners in the audiences of these stations are a prime demographic and represent the most effective target for direct response ads.

“I highly recommend Berk Marketing to anyone who is looking to enter the radio space.”
– Jason Evans

Responsive and Reliable

Evans says that he works with Berk Marketing primarily because they are reliable professionals that he can count on to get the job done. When he needs his marketing plans executed, he needs to be sure that he has a partner that can handle things quickly and efficiently.

The partnership between these two companies has spanned more than a year and Power Sales University’s business has steadily increased as a result of their direct response ads. Evans reiterates that the direct response ads that they run on satellite radio have proven to yield high quality leads and remain the sole form of advertising for Power Sales University.

Berk Marketing Can Help Your Customers Find You!

Berk Marketing has a lifetime of experience dealing with direct response radio advertising and has the expertise necessary to help you mount the most effective campaign for your business. If your business needs to generate high quality leads at a reasonable cost, you need to speak with Berk Marketing today!

Berk Marketing can help your business place direct response radio advertising in the most effective venues in an extraordinarily cost effective manner. Contact the direct response specialists at Berk Marketing today at 866-747-4707 and see what they can do to help your business grow!