RE/MAX, the real estate network created and still run by Dave and Gail Linigert for close to 40 years, is proof that straight talk radio advertising works. At a time when most real estate networks have downsized, RE/MAX is growing and remains profitable.  This article, published by the Sacramento Bee, highlights their ambitious advertising campaign.

Straight Talk Radio Advertising Works

For All the Things That Move You(SM) includes a full schedule of TV, radio, Internet, print and outdoor ads that will run throughout 2012. Designed to identify with the personal moments that drive decisions by homebuyers and sellers – having a baby, getting married, landing a new job or downsizing –  the campaign reinforces the notion that experienced RE/MAX agents know how to help.

These are the moments that literally move you and because they’re significant life-changing events, consumers seek the assistance of a trusted professional,” said Mike Ryan, RE/MAX Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Branding.People see the housing market beginning to improve, so if they’ve had one of these life changing events, they’re starting to think about making a move.”

The campaign theme was created by R&R Partners, a Las Vegas-based agency and five TV commercials were filmed on-location in southern California. “Almost everyone has a personal connection to changes in the housing market,” said Arnie DiGeorge, Executive Creative Director for R&R Partners. “But one thing that hasn’t changed is the American Dream of owning your own home.” Original Story Here. [/box]

Whether or not straight talk radio advertising works depends on you, the consumer.  How it relates to you is key. Listen for one of the RE/MAX radio ads airing during the Super Bowl this weekend and see what you think.

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