Radio Advertising Scripts

Great radio ads begin with well written scripts. Too often, advertisers try to cram in way too much information resulting in 90 seconds of copy in a 60 second spot. The key to writing a winning radio advertising script is to grab the listeners attention in as few words as possible. A well written sixty second radio script should be at a word count at or near 185. But a word count can be deceiving. As an example. “…give us a call at 1-866-747-4707 or visit us online at” What is the word count in this example? If your answer is 12 your are incorrect. The way to know the exact word count is to write scripts phonetically. Again, using the same example but written phonetically: “…give us a call at one eight six six, seven four seven, forty seven oh seven or visit us online at Berk Marketing dotcom. Correct word count: 25.

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