Why Radio is Still Around

With all of our technological advancements and the wide variety of available sources for content delivery, one of the most effective advertising tools remains one of the oldest. Despite the ever expanding pool of entertainment and news options available on the internet and the growing number of television news programs, people are still tuning into the radio in droves to follow their favorite programs.

The Voice Inside Your Head
Many studies have shown over the years that people connect to a radio broadcast in a fundamentally different way than they do with other media. Because the information is coming to them in a strictly aural fashion, they process it differently than if they were seeing images to go along with the sounds.

We’ve known for a long time that people learn in different ways, and that one of the primary ways is by listening. Think back to all of the lectures and class discussions that you probably sat through in college. This format for class structures was based on the principle that most people absorb information differently when listening than they do when reading, or watching film.

Your Old Friends
One of the unique, and most important, factors in listening to a radio show is the connection that listeners often form with the show’s host. The impact of hearing the show host’s conversations without the benefit of having images attached is much more personal and pronounced for most listeners, creating a sense of camaraderie and companionship in the listener.

The net effect of this interaction is that listeners are often fanatically devoted to their favorite radio shows, treating their daily time spent with the show as an interaction to look forward to.

What All of This Means to You

So people love their radio shows. What does that do for my business?

In practical terms, this means that you can target a specific group of like minded people that may be interested in your products, tailor a message toward them, and select the timing and geography that your message is received in. Rather than spending advertising dollars in areas that may or may not be reaching your actual target demographic, radio allows you to select your recipients in a much more proactive manner.

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