Radio Advertising

Remnant Radio Advertising Can Help Lower Your Direct Response Radio Ad Costs

Often, our clients come to us discouraged by the prices that they have been quoted by radio stations for their direct response radio advertising spots. They come to us for help because they understand that we have access to special pricing for remnant radio advertising spots. Our expertise and experience in the radio and television advertising business can save your company significant expense while helping you achieve the results that you need.

What is Remnant Advertising?
Commercial radio advertising rates are based on supply and demand. The more sought after spots have a natural tendency to be a bit more expensive. Remnant radio advertising is last-minute, unsold inventory of available advertising space. These spots can save your business considerable money while getting you noticed on prime broadcasts.

Remnant Radio Advertising Works

In much the same way that hotel rooms and flights are now booked through vendors specializing in unsold or unbooked space, Berk Marketing specializes in remnant advertising space. Many of our clients have been able to save 50% or more on their advertising by utilizing our experience and contacts in the radio industry.

We think of our clients as our partners in business and have a vested interest in your success. Our goal is to use our considerable expertise and experience in the world of radio and television to help ensure that your direct response advertising campaigns are successful and effective. Contact us today at 866-747-4707 and let us help your business through discount remnant radio advertising.