Advertise on GO COUNTRY

Advertise on GO COUNTRY

Advertise on Go Country KKGO 105.1 FM

KKGO-FM 105.1 is the only radio station in the Los Angeles radio market that programs Country music. KKGO also known as GO COUNTRY offers radio advertisers a unique and targeted demographic base in which to market products and services.

GO COUNTRY reaches almost one million listeners per week, 51% female and 49% male. The station works well for any advertiser looking to reach the 25-54 age group. Country music does a very good job of reaching all socioeconomic aspects of the marketplace.

The current personality lineup on GO COUNTRY:

  • Morning Show: Coffey In The Morning – Jay Coffey & Ginny Harman
  • Mid-Days: Shawn Parr
  • Afternoon Drive: Paul Freeman
  • Nighttime: Tonya Campos
  • Friday Nights: The Road – Ginny Harman

Advertising rates fluctuate and are based on supply and demand. For current pricing and additional information about advertising your business on GO COUNTRY please contact Berk Marketing @ 866-747-4707.