K-EARTH 101 FM Los Angeles – An “Oldies” Radio Station that Offers many Benefits for Advertisers

“Earth” is for “Earth Day”K-Earth 101 FM is a well-known Los Angeles radio station. It initially started broadcasting in 1941 with the call letters K45LA and was located at 44.5 on

KRTH Advertising

KRTH 101 Radio Advertising

the FM dial. After the Second World War, the station moved its location on the FM dial to 99.7 FM and went by the call letters KHJ-FM. It made a subsequent move, again, in 1948 to its present frequency, or 101.1 FM. The station used the call letter format of KHJ –FM for 24 years, changing to the call letters at that time to K-eaRTH. The modification was made in tribute to “Earth Day.”

An “Oldies” StationThe station is an “oldies” station and broadcasts in HD. KRTH-HD2 is a second channel that is affiliated with K-Earth and bills itself as “K-Earth Classics on K-Earth HD2.” The station features playlists that include songs from the 50s and 60s. K-earth 101, itself, incorporates songs from the 70’s, 80s and 90s into its roster as well as the occasional song from the early 60s.

Famous DJsSome of the famous disc jockeys associated with the station include Robert W. Morgan, Bob Shannon, Charlie Tuna, Charlie Van Dyke, Gary Bryan, Johnny Hayes, Dave Hull, and Wolfman Jack. The signal for the station covers the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles and beyond, reaching as far as the northern and southern sections in California.

The K-Earth Target MarketBecause of its “oldies” format, you can reach a lot of people through K-Earth 101 FM in the 35-to-64-year range, with more of your market concentration, of course, toward the upper end of that scale. Regardless, for advertising purposes, you’ll need to look at a variety of radio stations in order to determine where best to place your advertising dollars.

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