Has it been that long? Satellite Radio has been around since 2001 already! That’s when XM officially launched, followed a year later by Sirius. Then in 2008 they merged (not without controversy), and today there is one Satellite Radio provider: Sirius XM.

While many people are still pretty satisfied with the free radio they can get on the AM and FM bands, 30 million people in North America (as of early 2016) have decided it’s worth paying up to $20 per month for access to as many as 150 or so “channels” as SiriusXM calls its stations.

But wait, aren’t SiriusXM channels commercial-free? Why are we even talking about them on a website about advertising?

The MUSIC channels are commercial-free … but the TALK channels are not! And advertising on the Talk and Sports channels on SiriusXM is one of the best-kept secrets in the ad game.

Some of the channels we like that produce well for our clients include Fox News (channel #114), Patriot (# 125), CNN (#116), MSNBC (#118), and of course ESPN (#80). But there are many others, and the good news is that they are very cost-effective ways to reach a NATIONAL audience.

National Satellite Radio Advertising

That’s right … national exposure. When a spot runs on a SiriusXM channel, it’s heard simultaneously by everyone in North America (Canada too) who is listening at that moment, regardless of their time zone. That doesn’t mean your business has to be operating in all cities and states, however. If you are in markets that altogether represent at least half the population, SiriusXM is still worth a test to see if it pays out!

Another cool thing about SiriusXM is that your phone number or web address appears on the dashboard radio display panel while your ad is running! This is a fantastic benefit, especially for Direct Response advertisers who want calls or clicks right away. Bottom line: if you have an online business or sell over the phone, then Sirius XM advertising could be perfect for you!

Hey, what about Howard Stern? Oh, he is still on SiriusXM and as big as ever. Many people remember when Howard made his highly publicized move from terrestrial (traditional over-the-air) radio to SiriusXM Satellite Radio back in 2006. He is still their most popular personality, and when he promotes a product in his show, phone calls go through the roof! Live ads by Howard can be expensive, but at Berk Marketing we have a couple tricks up our sleeve to get the most out of Howard Stern ads and make the investment pay off big time. Just give us a call at 866-747-4707 or send us a note at Results@BerkMarketing.com to find out how.

If you are interested in Sirius XM Satellite Radio (or traditional radio), get in touch. There is no cost or obligation for you to have Berk Marketing create a customized plan for you until you decide to give it a try. We can quickly estimate the cost of putting together an on-air schedule to test whether radio advertising will work for you and your business. We will even write and record your ad for you, usually for $100 or less! And it’s an exciting day when those radio spots start to run and your phone starts to ring or your website visits start spiking!