Let’s Talk Sports – “The Jim Rome Show” Broaching the Topics of Sports and Celebrity – Here’s how to advertise on the Jim Rome Show

When you want to listen to a discourse on sports, you naturally think of talk radio hosts like Jim Rome. “The Jim Rome Show,” a three-hour show which originates from Los Angeles, is transmitted via syndication to over 200 radio stations in Canada and the U.S. The program is also available on Rome’s website to paid subscribers.

How it all Began

The popular program started out as a five-hour show, which ran from 7 in the evening to midnight in San Diego. Because of the show’s acclaim, the time was switched for the program to weekdays, running from 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. Premiere Radio Networks syndicated the show, also known as “The Jungle,” in 1996.

Support Personnel

Show personnel are often referred during the program although they rarely talk on the show. Kyle Brandt acts as writer and producer and is referred to as KB as well as Lyle Grant. Jason Stewart, the talent coordinator for the show, is referred to as “J-Stew” or “Mr. Automatic.” Alvin Delloro, also known as “Lil’ Alvy,” “Melvin,” or “Man’s Game,” screens calls and is in charge of the technical details.

“The Jungle” Format

Rome primarily talks about current issues in sports as well as unusual news stories, and begins each show with a synopsis of what he plans to talk about during the length of the show. Using commentary, phone calls, and related e-mail correspondence, he generates the dialogue for his program. His editorial format combines sarcasm and opinion to create a show that is controversial as well as popular in the sports/celebrity niche. Rome’s format also includes interviewing popular celebrities and sports personalities. While the majority of interviews are conducted over the phone, he will, on occasion, feature a guest in the studio.

Advertise on the Jim Rome Show

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How to Advertise on the Jim Rome Show

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