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Creating A Media Plan For Your Radio Ad Campaigns

Creating a Media Plan for Your Radio Ad Campaigns With the exception of those extraordinarily lucky few, we haven’t seen many direct response radio advertising campaigns succeed without a well thought out plan behind them. The planning stage is the single most critical component in ensuring that your advertising dollars generate the results [...]

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5 Key Parts of a Successful Direct Response Radio Campaign

Direct response radio advertising can be a monumentally effective marketing tool and generate qualified leads for your business. Over the years we have helped many clients execute successful direct response campaigns and have found several common factors in these campaigns. Below (in no particular order) are some helpful first steps if your business is considering [...]

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Radio Advertising 101

Radio advertising is a very powerful and extremely efficient tool at generating new customers and prospects. An effective Radio advertising campaign will essentially tell your story in concise sixty second capsules, and if done correctly, will generate immediate response. How great is that? Let me repeat it... Radio advertising, can generate IMMEDIATE response. Okay, where do you [...]

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