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KTRH Advertising

KTRH-AM is a radio station in the greater Houston metro area. Branded as news radio, 740 KTRH advertises over the air waves as “Houston’s News, Weather, and Traffic Station.” Operating at 740 kHz on the AM dial, it is powered by 50,000 watts of power. The letters, KTRH, have been attributed to one of a number of designations, including “Keep Tuned Right Here” and “Talk Radio Houston.” Owned by Clear Channel, the station is also affiliated with the Weather Channel and Fox News radio.

Media Base for the Astros

The news station is home to veteran news reporters J.P. Pritchard and Lana Hughes and primarily features news reports and current events in the morning hours while presenting syndicated talk shows during other parts of the day. In addition, the radio station is the noted broadcasting home of the Houston Astros baseball team.

Featured Shows and Content

Syndicated talk radio shows that are regularly scheduled on the Houston station include Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and The Mutual Fund Show. Popular talk show and conservative political commentators, such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, also broadcast their syndicated shows regularly on the station. Weekend shows highlight such topics as gardening, pets, home and health content.

Famous Past Radio Personalities

KTRH has a long history in Houston and has been a broadcast base for a number of well-known broadcast and media celebrities. One of the notables that worked for the station in the 50s was Dan Rather, who acted as commentator and reporter. Another well-recognized personality that sat in the broadcast booth was CBS sports commentator and announcer, Jim Nantz. Frank Newport, the editor of the Gallup Poll, worked as news director and a talk show host at the station in the early part of the 80s.

Advertise on KTRH and Similar Stations

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