KFI AM 640 is one of America’s most listened to radio stations. Advertisers that buy KFI advertising love it because the phones literally begin ringing moments after the first commercial has aired. Why does KFI-Advertising work so much better than other stations and formats? The answer is foreground listening and large listener base.

Foreground listening offers advertisers access to people that are paying attention and involved with the radio station. You cannot listen to talk radio in a room full of people or in noisy environments. Talk radio is a personal, one on one format that allows the listener to fully engage with the hosts and the topics discussed. KFI radio advertising is all about the blend. KFI Ads blend in perfectly with the format of news and talk. Plus with their gigantic 50,000 watt signal, you will reach pretty much the entire Southern California market.


The KFI weekday line up includes: Bill Handel, Bill Carroll, John and Ken,

Tim Conway Jr and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. KFI owned by Clear Channel is one of the best direct response radio stations to advertise with, but there are others. These include; KNX, KEIB, WINS, WABC, WCBS, KGO, KCBS, WLS, WGN to name just a few.

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