Glenn Beck is amongst the top rated radio/television personalities in the country today and is also the author of six NY Times best selling books. Whether you are a fan or foe when it comes to the man’s political leanings, if you are an advertiser his show represents an enormous market for your product.

Fanatical Devotion

Radio shows often engender a sort of fanatical devotion among their listeners. There are many reasons for this intense connection (see our earlier post), but the reasons are not the important part when it comes your advertising decisions. The important part is that this devotion translates into a receptive mood in listeners that is the most opportune time for your message to be heard.

Listen Up

Beck’s followers, to use an example, are statistically regular listeners who spend a significant amount of time each week (often each day) listening to his show. Because of the intense connection that they forge with the show, and by default with Beck himself, they are receptive to messages that they associate with the show. Radio Advertising on Beck…WORKS.

Glenn Beck Radio Advertising Works!

Statistically speaking, loyal talk radio listeners react more positively to direct response radio advertising than average, and conservative talk radio listeners outnumber their liberal talk radio listening counterparts almost two to one. In effect, your product and company message could be broadcast to an enormous number of consumers who are more likely than average to become your customers.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest. . . . .

When selecting broadcasts for your product messaging, the numbers don’t lie. If you are looking for exposure and to generate qualified leads, the wisest course is to target the shows that have the largest audience for your target demographic. Beck’s show, for instance, has an estimated 13 million weekly listeners in its audience and is heard on over 400 radio stations plus SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio.

Because of the high volume of regular listeners, the Glenn Beck Show, and others like it, is extremely competitive venues for advertisements. We help our clients to decide how to achieve maximum effect for their advertising budget, and whether venues such as this one will pay off for their business.

If you would like to find out more about Glenn Beck Radio advertising and how to run ads on his show, or any other nationally or locally broadcast radio or television show, contact Berk Marketing at 866-747-4707.