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Rush Limbaugh Advertising

When it comes to talk radio hosts, there is one undisputed leader; year after year… Rush Limbaugh is number one, so when companies advertise on Rush Limbaugh radio, their results are number one too! This is a must for direct response radio advertising. With a weekly audience pushing 15 million people, Rush clearly talks to more potential consumers than any other host in America. Talkers Magazine rates Rush Limbaugh #1 and recognizes him as “the most important innovator in modern news talk.”

Rush Limbaugh has been on the air building his base of loyal listeners since 1988, and is now heard on close to 600 radio stations across the country. Each week over 13 million listeners tune in to his radio show. As a Rush Limbaugh advertiser, you’re radio commercial will be heard on average by over 3 million people every time it runs! That is an amazing number.

The Rush Limbaugh radio show airs for three hours each weekday from Noon-3pm Eastern Standard Time. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the Armed Forces Radio Network.

Rush Limbaugh Radio Ads

Advertisers can run thirty or sixty second commercials on his “EIB” national network or slot in ads via local/regional affiliates. Depending on the product or service, you may also be able to have Rush endorse your company. If you are a regular listener to his program you no doubt have heard him endorse products like Carbonite, ZICAM and others.

How much does it cost for Rush Limbaugh radio advertising?

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