Radio Advertising on WMAL Radio FM 105.9 and AM 630

Advertise on WMAL

Advertise on WMAL

News talk WMAL FM 105.9 and AM 630 offers advertisers access to an extremely loyal base of better educated, more affluent listeners in and around the Washington D.C. metro area. These listeners index higher than average for homeownership, college educations and professional managerial professions.

WMAL is a foreground radio format, that is, it engages listeners through a combination of local and national talk radio programs including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Most of the listening is also done in what is referred to as PRIMARY listening locations, such as in the car or at home. When ads are aired on WMAL, advertisers see a high ROI.

With a powerful 28,000 watt FM signal along with a 10,000 watt AM signal, WMAL gives advertisers a very wide coverage area too.

WMAL FM Converge Map

Advertise on WMAL

If you would like to reach Washington, DC’s proven direct response Radio Advertising source, consider running ads on WMAL.

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