Advertise on KNBC TV

Advertise on KNBC TV

NBC TV Channel 4 is a Los Angles TV station operated by NBC. It is located in Burbank, California in the NBC Studios facility. The station is also offered to DirecTV subscribers as well. KNBC, also known as Channel 4, started broadcasting in 1949 with the call letters KNBH, standing for NBC Hollywood. In 1954, the call letters were altered to KRCA (which stood for the Radio Corporation of America – the parent company of NBC at the time). In 1962, the station was given its current call letters and moved from its old facility at the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood to studios in Burbank.

Sixty Years of Broadcasting

Needless to say, KNBC has been broadcasting for quite a while in Los Angeles. It celebrated this fact in 2009 on a 60th anniversary program which showcased news stories and presented former staff and hosts on the local NBC-affiliated station. In 2007, it was announced that the station, along with other affiliated stations, would move to a new digital studio.

Popular Shows

The station broadcasts community events as well as syndicated programs. Some of its popular shows include:· Access Hollywood;· Extra; and· The Tonight Show.

Former News Personalities

KNBC’s newscasts are often at the top of the ratings poll. Some of the former news personalities on the station include TomBrokow, Pat Sajak, Bryant Gumbel, Tom Snyder, and David Horowitz. Current on-air personalities during the week include Chuck Henry, Colleen Wiliams, Ana Garcia, Alycia Lane, and Kathy Vara.

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