Do you want to…

  • Lower your cost per lead
  • Identify the source of every call
  • Get critical contact information quickly
  • Record and monitor how calls are handled
  • Capture potentially lost leads from busy signals, no answer or hang-ups
  • Have a back up of all attempted incoming calls in the event of a phone system outage
  • Know peak volume times and schedule staff more efficiently
  • In other words, get more customers and more profits!

The Call To Action

Where are your calls coming from? Now you can know, with CALL TRACK™ a powerful system utilizing a voice xml engine that captures vital information about any marketing effort and every lead generated (even unanswered ones). It delivers the maximum return on advertising investments.

What’s more, we will capture every attempted call, whether it resulted from a hang-up before completion, a busy signal or no answer. You’ll get an instant alert when you miss a call so you can call the prospect back. This feature alone will pay for your system in the first month.

Berk Marketing has partnered with the most innovative call tracking partner in the industry to deliver the most flexible and reliable service to you. CALL TRACK™ requires no hardware or software, and can be up and running in minutes. Using one of our toll-free or local numbers you monitor response to every marketing effort, including TV, print, yellow pages, websites, direct mail, radio, and any other external communication.

Every Call Is Vital

Studies have shown that up to 65% of all callers hang up on voice mail. The phone numbers from these hang-ups are captured for you when you sign up for CALL TRACK

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