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Berk Marketing has a simple mission: we are advocates for our clients’ interests

We don’t work for radio or television stations. We aren’t in the business of selling ad space to fill a calendar.

We work for you, our clients. We make it our mission to get you the most effective results with your advertising.

“Our goal is simple: we help build success stories with our clients, who we think of as our partners.”
Radio advertising WORKS!

If your goal in advertising for your business is to get the phone ringing, increase website traffic, or to get more customers into your store, then we are your firm.

We understand the intricacies of the direct response radio and television advertising business. We should, we’ve been involved in it for decades. Berk Marketing can help your business develop and implement a direct marketing strategy from start to finish. We can help make your advertising campaigns a success whether they are in radio, TV, outdoor, or internet marketing. We offer our expertise in:

  • Planning all Media Buys
  • Script Writing
  • Production
  • Arranging Personality Meetings
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Execution of Media Buys
  • Tracking Results
  • Analytics

Meet Our Team

Peter Berk

Peter Berk

Founder & President

With over 33 years in the radio business, you could say that radio is in Peter’s blood at this point.

aving been an on-air personality, an account exec, a sales manager, and everything you could think of in between, Peter knows the radio business inside and out.

His goal in partnering with his clients today is to use his wealth of experience to ensure that his clients are receiving the best rates in the most effective venues for their advertising campaigns.

Peter began his career in 1978 as a disc jockey at a California college station. His first professional DJ spot was on KCHS AM in Truth or Consequences, NM (Yes, there really is a Truth or Consequences, NM). After a stint in Wyoming as an account executive for local KEVA AM, Peter moved back to California and worked for a group of radio stations in San Luis Obispo.

Within a short time, Peter found himself in the major Los Angeles markets as a sales manager of one of the largest stations at the time, KABC/KMPC. It was in this position that Peter was able to implement many revolutionary advertising concepts that developed into strong direct response vehicles for his clients. In the early 1980’s, the Radio Advertising Bureau recognized Peter with its prestigious “Certified Radio Marketing Consultant” accreditation.

Since 1999, Peter has been working hard to build lasting partnerships with his clients and to help their direct marketing campaigns succeed. He brings his years of experience in the field to bear in order to help his clients get the most out of their advertising efforts.

If you’ve been in touch with Peter, or with Berk Marketing, you already know that phone calls and emails are returned promptly (usually within minutes). Contact Peter today and see what he can do for your business.

Nancy Berk

Nancy Berk & Wally

Client Services and Key Account Relations

Nancy Berk is responsible for client services and key account relations. With a BS Degree in Advertising/Marketing, Nancy offers clients a level of customer service that is second to none. Nancy has previously worked in the marketing department for Vivitar Cameras and brand marketing for the Carnation Company.

Wally Berk is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in charge of corporate fitness. Wally loves long walks with lots of trees and fire hydrants. wally@berkmarketing.com

Jenn Berk

VP of Client Relations & Business Development

While studying Marketing at Cuesta College, Mira Costa College, and CSU San Marcos, Jenn interned doing sales, marketing, and promotions for K-JUG radio in San Luis Obispo, and CBS Radio in San Diego. She also worked as a marketing host, helping plan and host social events for concerts, night clubs, special events, and smaller local events, primarily using Social Media.

She ultimately found herself in a position to capitalize on her marketing talents with Berk Marketing and has become an expert in helping her clients implement strategies that work. It probably helps that her father is a marketing guru, Peter Berk, who has cracked the code to generate ROI with Radio & TV advertising.

Jenn brings a millennial expertise in Social Media & Digital to Berk Marketing, but she also knows what works, and believes that Radio & TV are as powerful and impactful as ever, when done correctly. When working with Jenn, you can rest assured that she will work diligently to put you in a position to succeed and accomplish your goals. She takes pride in her honest, candid, and client-first approach.

Jenn has been with Berk Marketing since 2015. Growing up, Jenn was an all-star athlete in softball, tennis, water polo, soccer, and surfing. She ultimately became more passionate about snowboarding and fitness. Jenn has always loved animals. In her spare time, you can find Jenn zipping down the slopes of Big Bear, Mammoth or Tahoe, working out at the gym, volunteering to save her furry friends.

Our Advisors
Tim Hackett

Tim Hackett

Key Accounts/Creative Solutions

Tim Hackett has built award-winning promotions and events for advertisers both national and local for over 25 years. He consistently drives participation and traffic for clients through the creative use of media, publicity, email and social networks.
Bruce Barker

Bruce Barker

Radio & Video Production Supervisor

Bruce entered the world of voiceover and production when he was just a freshman in High School, working in small-town radio in Western Alaska. In 1987 he followed the sun, and began performing numerous on-air and behind-the-scenes functions at a variety of Southern California radio stations. By the late 1990s, Bruce was moving heavily into voiceovers for television and eventually broke away from “corporate radio” to devote his full-time energies to voice work and commercial production. His company, RightAfterThis.com, produces everything from internet TV shows to live radio broadcasts, audiobooks to TV documentaries, all from a five-studio complex in North Hollywood, CA. Bruce can be heard nationally on commercials for Pacific Life Insurance, Pro Flowers, Sony Playstation, and more; he’s the voice of Speed Channel’s “Pinks All Out”; presently has fifty-or-so local radio and TV commercials airing; and on those rare downtimes you’ll likely find him tinkering under the hood of a late-‘50s Ford.

Connor Bringas

Digital Marketing Specialist

Connor Bringas has been an SEO professional for more than 12 years, working with large companies such as Microsoft. In the past he managed SEO Managers and Specialists developing strong relationships with clients and creating robust SEO campaigns.
Rex Poole

Rex Poole

Website Design & Developer

Rex Poole has more years of experience as an artist, designer, editor, animator and web developer than he would care to disclose. Rex has utilized his creative skills for a wide range of clients from the federal government to the entertainment industry. He has worked on the Emmy Award winning PBS children’s series, Word World, and was recently honored with a Telly award for his promotional video produced for Ghirardelli. After achieving his lifelong dream of escaping the brutally cold winters and tropical summer humidity of the east coast for Southern California, he spends his free time enjoying the beauty of his adopted home from behind the wheel of his vintage Corvette convertible, and counting down the days until the next Long Beach Grand Prix.

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