Discover how radio ads can be your “secret weapon” to getting more qualified leads, faster… no matter how competitive your industry!

If you run a small, medium or large business and would like to get more qualified leads, faster than you are now — locally or nationally — advertising on radio can be one of the most profitable advertising methods you’ll ever use.

Discover How Radio Advertising Can Get You Higher Quality Leads – Faster Than Other Advertising Channels

When you’re advertising on radio, it doesn’t matter how competitive your industry is, or what demographic you’re trying to reach, you can begin to get qualified leads calling or visiting your website within minutes of your spot running.

Radio Advertising Is Cost Effective

Even if you’re a small startup, local business or independent service professional, radio marketing levels the playing field so you can compete with the giant mega companies or your fiercest local competitor.

The reason is because Berk Marketing has access to remnant radio advertising inventory allowing you to advertise Nationally or Locally – putting your company on par with the largest competitors in your marketplace.

direct response radio advertising

Direct Response Inbound Marketing

If you’ve tried other forms of advertising or lead generation in the past, then you know how costly and frustrating it can be when it doesn’t work.

But advertising on radio is different from other advertising methods because it is direct response advertising — advertising that gets people calling you… often within minutes of your spot running.

Instantly Track & Measure The Performance Of Your Campaigns!

Every radio ad campaign can be tracked using an advanced call-tracking system. You will know exactly what stations, what spots and what geographic locations are most effective at generating qualified leads.

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Media Planning and Ad Production

To run a successful radio ad campaign, it starts with having a powerful radio marketing strategy, and that’s where Berk Marketing comes in. We develop a customized media plan designed to reach the exact audience you want to target. Then we have our team writers create powerful and effective scripts that will appeal to your ideal target audience. Then we have the ad produced and voiced by a professional voiceover artist.

media planning and ad production
remnant ad media buying

Buying Media At The Lowest Rates Available

At Berk Marketing, we do all of the media buying and negotiating for you. We locate and secure the right media for your ad campaign. We do it all for you, from start to finish. But it gets even better! Our access to remnant media, or last minute unsold “Prime-Time” inventory, can save you as much as 60% off the standard rate card!

Take Charge Of Your Advertising Results With Berk Marketing

From media planning and script writing to full production and ad response tracking, Berk Marketing offers affordable AND measurable solutions that will generate more phone calls from qualified leads to your business.

Media Buying

Berk Marketing offers access to remnant radio pricing throughout the country, essentially giving you prime-time coverage for pennies on the dollar.

Full Production

Our team professionally produces your radio or TV spot including scripting, voiceover work and editing.

Response Tracking

We’ll show you how to monitor all of your advertising so that you can measure their effectiveness and track your ROI.


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