Looking to advertise your business or service on local TV? Local TV advertising is a powerful and productive way to introduce your business to captivated prospective consumers in your market area. Most markets in America have affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC as well as local independent TV stations available to local advertisers.

TV spots are typically thirty seconds or sixty seconds in length. These ads can be created to tell your story in a way that can either drive more phone calls to your office or send more clicks to your company website.

There are many ways to advertise on local TV, including morning shows, daytime news, variety shows, court shows and of course evening prime time programming and weekday or weekend sports broadcasts.

TV media planning and buying involves many factors. You need to be able to match your target customer demographic with programs and times that best reach those demographics. Further, you need to make sure that the cost you pay for the advertising time is in line with your ROI efficiencies. Cost per lead or cost per acquisition are important metrics that will determine the success or failure of a campaign. In many cases TV advertising rates are negotiable and can be packaged to fit the needs to each advertiser.

Many advertisers opt to work with an independent 3rd party media buying service. These media buying services or Advertising Agencies can work with you to create a media plan that is best for you. They will show you plans that showcase which TV stations, programming and budget expenditures are best suited to reach your potential pool of prospective consumers.

Beyond the media buy, an agency or media buying service can also assist is producing your TV commercial. From script concept, storyboards production and spot delivery.

Berk Marketing can help you tell your story through TV advertising on any and all local TV in any market including yours.

Just send us a note at Results@BerkMarketing.com, or give us a call at 866-747-4707

Usually when marketers think of TV advertising, they think “expensive.” But it doesn’t have to be. At Berk Marketing, we have identified some creative ways to get great results for our clients, without them having to spend a scary fortune to get there.

But the fact is, no advertiser is unwilling to invest what it takes IF they know the campaign will be successful. It really comes down to the Cost-Per-Lead or the Cost-Per-Sale, regardless of the out-of-pocket expenditure needed to garner those new customers.

We have already done all the trial and error for you. With Berk Marketing, you get the benefit of our having gone down every path there is, and knowing what works and what doesn’t. You see, Berk Marketing specializes in radio advertising as well as direct response TV advertising, or DRTV advertising for short. What that means is the advertising we create for our clients have a specific call to action, which enables us to track and measure the effectiveness of every ad we place and the ROI it produces for our clients.

One thing we’ve learned is that certain times of the day tend to produce better results from TV ads than others. And it’s not always the times you would expect!

Cable TV and Satellite TV (Dish Network & DirecTV) are advertising vehicles that can be complex to navigate and tease out the effective programs. But we’ve been there and done that, and we’re here to share that knowledge with you.

Just send us a note at Results@BerkMarketing.com, or give us a call at 866-747-4707, and let’s talk about where in the country you want your ads to run. We can quickly estimate the cost of putting together an on-air schedule to test the waters. There is no cost or obligation for you to have Berk Marketing create a customized plan for you until you decide to give it a try.

What about producing a TV spot … isn’t that expensive all by itself? Not like it used to be! With today’s digital editing technology and widely available stock photography and video, we can create a very effective commercial for you for less than $2,000 … often much less. It may not win any awards, but it will reflect well on your business, and most importantly, it will make the phone ring or your website light up. In our opinion, that’s all that matters.

Two factors have come together today to make TV advertising more accessible than ever: fragmentation, and viewer research. It’s now been decades since the TV screen was dominated by the big networks … NBC, CBS, and ABC. Then along came Fox, cable, satellite, and now Hulu, YouTube, and so many other digital outlets. All those shows competing for eyeballs, and as a result of that competitive landscape, we are able to negotiate great rates.

Add to that our ability today to know so much about who exactly is watching a particular program … age, income, purchase habits, location, and more … and we are in a position to make your TV ad dollars work harder and more effectively than ever before.

We even have a way to get on national cable network programs at a 90-95% discount to what most of the other advertisers are paying. Ask us how!

Write us at Results@BerkMarketing.com, or call at 866-747-4707. No obligation, just straight answers to all your TV advertising questions.