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DISH advertising refers to the advertising opportunities and campaigns available through the DISH Network, a satellite television service provider in the United States. DISH offers a wide range of channels and programming options to its subscribers, and advertising on DISH provides businesses with a platform to reach a large audience of viewers.

DISH advertising allows businesses to create brand awareness, engage with viewers, and drive customer acquisition through effective and targeted advertising campaigns. Advertisers can work with DISH or its advertising partners to plan, create, and execute their advertising initiatives, tailoring them to their specific marketing goals and objectives.

Why Berk Marketing?


We have been in the Radio & TV Advertising business for over 35 Years


We have an extensive network with the nation’s leading broadcast companies.


We are Radio & TV Marketing Consultant Certified by the Radio Advertising Bureau

The TV Audience

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of TV Ad campaigns result in a profitable return
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of American adults watch traditional TV each week
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of millennials (adults aged 18-34) in the U.S. watch traditional TV on a weekly basis

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Facts About TV Advertising including DISH

Google, Netflix and Facebook spend over 60% of their marketing budgets on TV advertising in order to get recognition online.

TV advertising remains at the forefront of advertising and is proven to deliver some of the highest results that any marketing material could offer.

TV advertisement grabs attention, creates a stronger impact than other media and it is the most reputable formats of all the marketing channels.

No other marketing format is more engaging and capable of driving consumers than video commercials. Thanks to the combination of sound, motion and music, it manages to build an emotional connection with audiences.

Instantly Track & Measure The Performance Of Your Campaigns!

Every DISH ad campaign can be tracked using an advanced call-tracking system. You will know exactly what stations, what spots and what geographic locations are most effective at generating qualified leads.

Media Buying

With DISH, you can target your ideal audience based on demographics such as age, gender, geography and timed during hours they are most likely to be tuned in to hear your message

Full Production

Our team professionally produces your DISH spot including scripting, voiceover work and editing.

Response Tracking

We’ll show you how to monitor all of your advertising so that you can measure their effectiveness and track your ROI.

TV is the key to success for any direct response DISH Advertiser. Call Berk Marketing today to find out if DISH advertising is right for your business.

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