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The Power of National “Remnant” Radio Advertising

National “Remnant” radio advertising is a game-changer, giving you low CPM’s and low CPC’s.  When buying remnant you are essentially buying prime-time media for pennies on the dollar.

One of the key strengths of national radio advertising is its wide reach. It can connect with millions of listeners across different age groups and backgrounds, ensuring your brand gets maximum exposure.

Why Berk Marketing?


We have been in the radio business for over 35 Years


We have an extensive network with the nation’s leading broadcast companies.


We are Radio Marketing Consultant Certified by the Radio Advertising Bureau

National Radio Audience

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of Americans ages 12 and older had listened to a podcast in the past month
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of Americans listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves
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of Millennials (born between 1980 and 1996) listen to radio

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Facts about Radio Advertising

With the uprise of digital podcasting, radio is the fastes growing ad medium with 12.5% growth every year.

According to a recent Nielsen study, radio is the most powerful media sales driver. When compared to targeting, another media factor, radio drives 2.5x more sales.

According to the Nielsen Catalina Solutions study, radio delivered $12 in sales for ever $1 spent on advertising.

According to a study by RAB, AM/FM radio drives behavior, including visits to your business website.

Instantly Track & Measure The Performance Of Your Campaigns!
Every radio ad campaign can be tracked using an advanced call-tracking system. You will know exactly what stations, what spots and what geographic locations are most effective at generating qualified leads.

Media Buying

With radio, you can target your ideal audience based on demographics such as age, gender, geography and timed during hours they are most likely to be tuned in to hear your message

Full Production

Our team professionally produces your radio or TV spot including scripting, voiceover work and editing.

Response Tracking

We’ll show you how to monitor all of your advertising so that you can measure their effectiveness and track your ROI.
Live RADIO is the key to success for any direct response Radio Advertiser. Call Berk Marketing today to find out if radio advertising is right for your business.

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