There may be no more cost-efficient and cost-effective way of reaching Men with your advertising message than with Sports Talk Radio advertising. And the granddaddy of all Sports stations is WFAN in New York, found on both the AM dial at 660 and at 101.9 FM. WFAN was the world’s first 24-hour all-sports radio station, and to this day dominates by far in the Big Apple and in many surrounding states due to its monster signal strength.

WFAN carries the games of baseball’s legendary New York Yankees, the NFL’s New York Giants, the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League, and the NBA Brooklyn Nets.

But WFAN radio advertising isn’t the only way to reach sports fans in New York. ESPN wanted in on the action and launched a Sports Talk station at 98.7 FM. Today, they broadcast the Jets (football), the Rangers (hockey), Knicks (basketball), and the increasingly popular Red Bulls of Major League Soccer.

Both WFAN and WEPN (those are the official call letters of the ESPN station) feature numerous well-known on-air personalities with daily shows, having launched many successful careers over the years. These hosts and thousands of call-in listeners ensure that every day is filled with wall-to-wall discussion about players, coaches, strategies and results.

Guys who listen to Sports Talk Radio are REALLY listening, and that means they will likely be paying more attention when your ad runs, too. If you want to reach sports fans in New York… or any other city for that matter… Berk Marketing can help! Call us at 866-747-4707 or send a quick note for a fast response to