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Run Radio Ads on WBBM 780 – News Radio Chicago

A Brief Introduction

WBBM – News Radio 780 is a Chicago radio station owned by CBS along with its sister station, WBBM-TV. The station broadcasts at a frequency of 780 kHz over the Chicago metropolitan area and carries a news format.

World’s Best Batter Maker

The station’s history goes back in the media archives to 1911 when the Mallory Battery Company founded the station. Thereafter, the broadcast site went on to obtain a commercial license in 1923 at which time it was assigned 1330 kHz in broadcast frequency. It also acquired its call letters—WBBM—which stood for World’s Best Battery Maker. That designation changed to the slogan, “We Broadcast Better Music,” as time progressed and the format changed.

Media Home of the Chicago Bears

WBBM has enjoyed a news theme since the late 60s. Before then, during 1964 to 1968, it was considered a news-talk broadcast medium. Since the year 2000, the radio station has been a recognized media home for the Chicago Bears, and has also broadcast games for the Chicago Blackhawks and the White Sox as well. The station has held a ratings edge over competitors since the later part of 2009.

Up-to-Date News and Weather

The company is well-recognized for its news updates and traffic and weather on the eights. It plays broadcast host to the Chicago Air and Water Show that is held in the middle part of August annually too. At that time, news anchors report on the flying stunts of airplanes over the city’s lakefront.

A Good Choice for Advertising your Company or Business

Statistics show that the news radio’s website is visited more than any other radio’s website in the U.S. Its skywave-type signal can reach as far as Salt Lake in the west too. Indeed, the radio station is the station to choose for running advertising if you are a company or business that needs to expand your customer base.

Direct Response Advertising

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Reliable Results

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