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How WGN AM 720 Can Help You Get to Your Customers

There aren’t many stations like WGN AM 720 anywhere in the country, but there certainly aren’t any others in the Chicagoland area. This is the station that Chicagoans listen to when they want to get their news and updates, whether that news is local or national. If you are looking to break into the Chicago area markets and have your brand messaging heard, this is the station to help you do it.

We’ve compiled a short list below made up of a few of the best reasons to mount a direct response radio advertising campaign on WGN AM 720.

Reaching Out
Broadcasting with 50,000 watts, WGN is regularly heard by over one million adults each day. In addition to reaching the Chicago metropolitan area with regular broadcasts, during the evenings, their signal is heard in 38 states and well into Canada.

Home of the Cubs
We could tell you that most Cubs games are broadcast during at least a portion of prime time, but that may be less important than the fact that WGN is the home of the Chicago Cubs and that Cubs fans are nothing if not loyal. If you want to tap into this demographic, there is an almost guaranteed listener base at gametime.

100% Local Talent
WGN AM 720 prides itself on the fact that they are comprised of 100% local talent. Without syndicated shows on their programming schedule, WGN keeps a roster that is full of locally known names. Most Chicagoans have grown up with these local celebrities and have a rapport and trust built with the show hosts that they listen to each day. This can translate directly into brand loyalty for the advertisers that are savvy enough to market their products here.

Foreground Listening Extreme
Regular listeners of WGN AM 720 programs are engaged, attentive, and invested in their radio shows. This means that they are paying attention rather than listening to radio noise in the background. It has been proven that listeners that are paying attention to their shows are typically more receptive to ads run on these shows.

If you are interested in getting your messaging across on WGN AM 720 or in any other major radio market, contact Berk Marketing. We leverage our years of experience in the radio advertising business and help our clients save money while delivering their message in the most effective way possible.

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