News & talk radio is a fantastic vehicle for reaching exactly the types of people who are most likely to vote. The audience tends to skew older, and as talk radio listeners, they are actively seeking information to help them formulate their voting decisions regarding both candidates and ballot issues, such as propositions and tax measures.

It goes without saying that opinionated political discussion is the lifeblood for personalities such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and many others whose weekly listeners can number in the millions via syndication to large networks of stations.

By the same token, talk show hosts who are only on a single station or are syndicated regionally on just a few stations can also have a massive influence, especially regarding issues and candidates that are meaningful to people who live in a particular area.

If you are a candidate or are working with a proposition or other ballot initiative and are interested in advertising on talk radio, Berk Marketing can help. We have decades of experience managing the special rules that are in place for political talk radio advertising, such as the “lowest unit charge” requirement, or what constitutes “reasonable access.” We can also help with what you can, can’t and must say in your ads.

Importantly, there is a “window” of time before each election during which the prices and availability of spots are subject to special regulations. Again, Berk Marketing has navigated these waters before.

Sometimes it seems like all political spots are one TV attack ad after another. But going on the radio, and particularly on the news and talk formatted stations, are an extremely cost-efficient, and cost-EFFECTIVE way to convey your message to voters and influencers. Call Berk Marketing today!