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It goes without saying that Washington D.C. is home to the most high-powered people in America and the entire world. So it’s no wonder there are high-powered news & talk radio stations in D.C. The two major radio stations that have dominated the ratings for decades are WTOP 103.5 FM, and WMAL 630 AM and 105.9 FM. In fact, they first went on the air almost 100 years ago, in the 1920s!

Yet today, both stations are still as popular as ever, both having huge audiences listening 24 hours every day. One reason is that they each boast a super-strong signal that can be heard throughout the DC area, as well as most of Maryland, plus northern Virginia and even West Virginia. Huge coverage obviously means more listeners!

As with all stations, each has its own unique style, but they both have one thing in common: they instantly deliver the latest news and commentary on current events… something which there will always be a thirst for, and since it’s on the radio, people tune in no matter what they’re doing… driving, working, or just hanging around the house.

A bit of trivia about how these stations got their “call letters.” The original licensees were able to choose any combination available… as long as they started with “W” if located east of the Mississippi River, or with “K” to the west. (There are a handful of exceptions.)

Since WTOP was originally at 1500 on the AM band, the owners wanted to remind listeners that it could be found at the highest or “top” end of the radio dial.

WMAL was named after the initials of its founder and first owner, an optician named Martin A. Leese.

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