If you are thinking of advertising on DC’s WTOP, now is a good time. Washington’s WTOP is working hard to rebuild it’s news coverage into a

WTOP Advertising

WTOP Advertising

broadcast + online news organization.  Instead of sitting pat as one of the nation’s most profitable radio stations, WTOP Radio is now making online news a big part of it’s organization.  That’s one big reason why radio advertising with DC’s WTOP Radio is a good idea.

Washington’s WTOP Radio said it aims to become a full multi-platform news operation by changing the way it does business. Instead of taking broadcast stories and fitting them onto WTOP’s website, the station says it will have digital editors and radio editors staffed 24 hours a day and working together to optimize stories for radio, web, mobile and social media all at once.

The move comes as WTOP faces increased radio competition, though it remains the top-rated station in the Washington region, according to Arbitron figures. CBS Radio announced last month that it will launch an all-news station in Washington next year. CBS also operates profitable all-news local stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities. In Washington, public radio station WAMU-FM also draws a large news audience.

Jim Farley, WTOP’s vice president of news, said his station’s strategy is unique and aimed at competing with newspapers, TV stations or anyone online.

“Other radio stations are cutting and cutting and cutting, and we think the path to growth is investing in your product,” he said. “And to the best of my knowledge, there is no other radio station in the United States doing this, dual desks 24/7.”

This is good news for you, as a business owner.

WTOP Radio Advertising

There’s a reason that WTOP’s ad revenue topped all other U.S. radio stations at more than $57 million .. and that reason is that the businesses that advertise on WTOP Radio is an investment with solid returns.

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