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Introducing “All the News, All the Time”

KYW News radio 1060 is an AM station that broadcasts in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Its slogan, “All News, All the Time,” was first heard in 1965 when the radio station began its broadcast news debut. Since that moment, KYW has solidified its standing as the resource for news for more than a million weekly listeners in Philadelphia. Coverage features local news stories, and national and international events as well as traffic, weather, and sports. The radio station has always been ranked top among stations.

A Bit about the History

The station’s roots can be traced back to Chicago, where it was first established in 1921. At that time, the radio station was owned by the Edison Company and Westinghouse Broadcasting. It was known for its broadcast of Chicago Opera Company programs. As a result of the broadcast performances, the purchase of radios leaped from a little over 1,000 to over 20,000 receivers in the Chicago area. The station, at the time, was also the first broadcast medium for football game coverage as well.

A Trailblazer of Sorts

It was not until 1934 that the station relocated to Philadelphia. While in Philly during this time, KYW was the main broadcaster for the Republican National Convention in 1940 and ’48 and the Democratic National Convention in 1948. The station moved again to Cleveland in 1956 but returned to Philly in 1965 when the news format was launched. In fact, KYW is one of the leading pioneers of the news-talk theme.

Current Anchors

Today, news anchors include a number of professional and experienced journalists and broadcasters, including Brandon Brooks, Carol MacKenzie, Cheryl Elias, David Madden, Ron Corbin, Ian Bush, John Ostapkovich, Kevin Scholla, and Lynne Adkins, just to name a few.

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