Every big U.S. city has a few high-powered News & Talk radio stations, and New York is no exception. For decades, four monster AM stations have dominated the ratings… 1010 WINS radio, WCBS AM 880, 770 WABC AM, and WOR AM 710. In fact, they all first went on the air almost 100 years ago, in the 1920s! Naturally, whenever anyone is looking for information about talk radio advertising in New York, these are the BIG FOUR stations to pay attention to.

Yet today, all four stations are still as relevant as ever, with have huge audiences listening 24 hours every day. One reason is that they each boast a super-strong signal that can be heard throughout the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), as well as in eastern Pennsylvania and even up to Rhode Island and south to Delaware. Huge coverage means more listeners!

Each station has its own style and personalities, but they all have one thing in common: they instantly deliver the latest news and commentary on current events… something which there will always be a thirst for, and since it’s on the radio, people can enjoy it no matter what else they may be doing… driving, working, or just hanging around the house.

It’s interesting to note how each of these stations got its “call letters.” The original licensees were able to choose any combination available… as long as they started with “W” if located east of the Mississippi River, or with “K” to the west. (There are a handful of exceptions.)

WINS = “International News Service”
WABC = “American Broadcasting Company”
WCBS = “Columbia Broadcasting System”
WOR = “World Of Radio”

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