The Top 100 Radio Markets

Rank Market Name State 12+ Population 1 New York NY 15,291,100 2 Los Angeles CA 10,826,600 3 Chicago IL 7,738,000 4 San Francisco CA 5,891,900 5 Dallas-Ft. Worth TX 4,838,600 6 Houston-Galveston TX 4,469,900 7 Philadelphia PA 4,360,200 8 Washington DC 4,176,300 9 Atlanta GA 4,085,000 10 Detroit MI 3,888,300 11 Boston MA 3,838,300 12 [...]

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Guide To Radio Station Formats

Symbol Format Name Description Demographics AC Adult Contemporary An adult-oriented pop/rock station with no hard rock, often a greater emphasis on non-current music Women 25-54 AH Hot AC or "Adult CHR" A more up-tempo, contemporary hits format, with no hard rock and no rap Adults 25-34 AP Adult Alternative Eclectic rock, often with wide variations [...]

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Discount Radio Advertising aka REMNANT

Tips For Finding Discount Radio Advertising aka REMNANT Advertising is imperative to the long life and success of any business. This is especially true when it comes to the small company. Products and services must be recognized by consumers for sales to soar. Radio advertising is a productive tool for this purpose. However, the cost [...]

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Advertise in the San Diego Union Tribune

Advertise in the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper advertising in the San Diego Union Tribune is alive and well! The San Diego Union Tribune reaches over 230,000 daily readers and over 300,000 on the weekend. Yes the internet is becoming our source for news, but the Newspaper continues to service the affluent 35+ [...]

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Get Massive Exposure With Sports Marketing Sponsorships

If you want to get massive exposure for your brand, product or business, sports marketing sponsorship is something you should seriously consider. Berk Marketing provides your company with the expertise you’ll need to build a Sports sponsorship package with your favorite sports team. A custom sponsorship will help your company reach your sales, marketing goals [...]

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Straight Talk Radio Advertising Works

RE/MAX, the real estate network created and still run by Dave and Gail Linigert for close to 40 years, is proof that straight talk radio advertising works. At a time when most real estate networks have downsized, RE/MAX is growing and remains profitable.  This article, published by the Sacramento Bee, highlights their ambitious advertising campaign. [...]

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Small Business Radio Advertising: Should You Have A Jingle

Thirty years ago, almost every national advertiser had a jingle (short catchy song) to associate with their business. TV ads these days very rarely have jingles. In radio, we still use jingles her and there, but overall, there’s far fewer jingles in small business radio advertising. Should you have a jingle? Not necessarily... but there are some powerful [...]

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