How People Listen To Radio Advertising Impacts Results

It’s not Just What People Listen To . . . When you’re thinking about starting a direct response radio advertising campaign, you already know that you need to carefully choose the station for your ads based on demographic and geographic criteria. We’re sure that you already know at least something about planning your campaign as [...]

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5 Key Parts of a Successful Direct Response Radio Campaign

Direct response radio advertising can be a monumentally effective marketing tool and generate qualified leads for your business. Over the years we have helped many clients execute successful direct response campaigns and have found several common factors in these campaigns. Below (in no particular order) are some helpful first steps if your business is considering [...]

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Radio Advertising Success Story: Xtermite

How Berk Marketing’s Direct Response Radio Advertising Savvy Helped Grow an Empire Radio Advertising Success Story Direct response radio advertising campaigns with Berk Marketing have propelled this company’s phenomenal growth to a $3 million plus market leader! Xtermite is a southern California termite control and extermination company that was among the first to [...]

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Glossary of Radio Terms

Here are the most common radio terms: AQH An abbreviation for the Average Quarter Hour. It averages all dayparts to determine the number of persons listening to a particular radio station for at least five minutes during a 15-minute period. Cume Cume is the number of different persons who tune to a radio station during [...]

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How To Avoid Hidden Radio Advertising Costs

Radio Advertising works! Radio advertising costs are highly negotiable and extremely volatile. In the majority of cases, stations do not have posted rates or rate cards to refer to. Commercial ad rates are dependent upon many factors including ratings, inventory supply and inventory demand. Radio ratings are determined by portable people meters or [...]

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Radio Advertising 101

Radio advertising is a very powerful and extremely efficient tool at generating new customers and prospects. An effective Radio advertising campaign will essentially tell your story in concise sixty second capsules, and if done correctly, will generate immediate response. How great is that? Let me repeat it... Radio advertising, can generate IMMEDIATE response. Okay, where do you [...]

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What You Need To Know Political Advertising

If you are a candidate or represent an issue that you want the public’s attention on, consider radio advertising. This is an excellent way to vocalize your cause. Radio advertising reaches people in primary listening locations such as the automobile and the office. Radio advertising is intrusive and offers a persuasive and powerful source of [...]

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