How Berk Marketing’s Direct Response Radio Advertising Savvy Helped Grow an Empire

Radio Advertising Success Story

Direct response radio advertising campaigns with Berk Marketing have propelled this company’s phenomenal growth to a $3 million plus market leader!

Xtermite is a southern California termite control and extermination company that was among the first to use orange oil and other non-chemical and minimally harmful methods of pest control. They’ve been partnering with Peter Berk and Berk Marketing for years (even before there was a Berk Marketing) and attribute much of their phenomenal growth and longevity to Peter’s expertise.

“Peter knows how to go after the right clientele. If your direct response radio advertising is not getting to the right consumers, then it’s ineffective.”
– Mike Folkins

A Long Partnership

Xtermite was a small company of 4 employees 13 years ago when they decided to start advertising on the radio and met an advertising manager named Peter Berk at a southern California radio station that would handle their account. The results from this series of ads convinced the company owner, Mike Folkins, of the merits of direct response radio advertising.

When Peter ventured out on his own and contacted Xtermite, Mike was all too happy to work again with Peter and benefit from his experience and contacts in building his brand and expanding his radio advertising campaigns. This was the beginning of a partnership that has lasted more than 10 years, and has seen the termite control company grow to 33 employees and revenues of more that $3 million a year. Folkins isn’t shy about attributing most of this success to Berk Marketing and their continued use of contacts and influence in creating and executing the most effective direct response campaigns for his business.

“Over the years we have tried print, television, everything. Nothing is as good as radio. Nothing gets the results that radio advertising does.”
-Mike Folkins

The Most Effective Placement Generates Results

Berk Marketing has helped Xtermite in placing effective ads in markets that are populated with the prime demographics to qualify as consumers of their products. Homeowners in southern California within targeted marketing areas think of Xtermite first when they think of pest control.

Folkins praises the effectiveness of the advertising efforts and says that his “marketing budget is always on target, Peter makes sure that we never overspend,” and adding that the flow of customers is so steady that they decide when to start and stop advertising and turn the customer stream on and off like a spigot.

What Berk Marketing Can Do for You

Berk Marketing has over 33 years of experience in the direct response radio advertising field and has a unique understanding of what it takes to mount an effective ad campaign. If you are looking to bring customers streaming through your doors or to ensure that your brand becomes synonymous with the service area that you provide for – you need to talk to Berk Marketing today!

For a fraction of the price that you may think, Berk Marketing can help you implement an effective direct response radio advertising campaign and expand your customer base.

Contact the radio advertising professionals at Berk Marketing today at 866-747-4707 and let us help your business grow!