If you want to get massive exposure for your brand, product or business, sports marketing sponsorship is something you should seriously consider. Berk Marketing provides your company with the expertise you’ll need to build a Sports sponsorship package with your favorite sports team. A custom sponsorship will help your company reach your sales, marketing goals and objectives.

Marketing Sponsorships could include

Play by Play Radio Sponsorship
Run commercials during games on all radio play by play coverage

Play by Play Sponsorship
Run your TV spots during games

Stadium Signage 
From banners and LED promos, in stadium marketing is a great way to reach potential customers.

Stadium Sampling
Product sampling at the Stadium! Giveaways, register to wins, more exposure… more opportunities.

VIP Suite Access and Tickets
Entertain your most important clients and customers at the game in one of the many VIP suites. Your sponsorship could also include tickets and special access throughout the season.

On Field Events and Promotions
We may be able to create a special pregame promotion that gives you on FIELD access and exposure.

Sports Marketing Sponsorships

Berk Marketing will provide everything you need to succeed. With over 25 years of Sports Sponsorship experience we’ll work with the team and its media partners to bring you the most efficient and effective sponsorship package that will deliver the needed results.

Sports Advertising benefits: Building stronger relationships with key clients, suppliers, distributors and vendors through strategic benefits supplied by Sports Sponsorship Packages. Building stronger relationships with the prospective customers through highly visible community based events. Increasing your company profile through involvement in well placed, sports and media based, Cause Marketing relationships.

To find out how your company can build a custom sports marketing package contact Berk Marketing at 866-747-4707