If your business is exploring the idea of creating a direct response radio advertising campaign to generate more customer traffic and expand your brand, the most cost effective and results oriented approach is to partner with a radio advertising expert that understands the unique aspects of the radio ad industry. Having the right experienced radio advertising partner or advisor can mean the difference between the success or failure of your direct response advertisements.

Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising has been proven to deliver ROI and is among the most effective uses of your advertising dollars. Before you begin on a direct response radio advertising campaign, it makes sense to have the best possible understanding of the medium in order to maximize your investment.

Radio is Different
While certain “rules” of advertising hold true across different media (print, television, online), there are several differences involved with radio advertising that can spell disaster if you aren’t aware of them.

Limited amount of time – Direct response radio advertisements are designed as extremely brief spots without the benefit of visual aids. While you have a better chance of engaging your audience with radio advertising spots, you need to be sure that your ads are focused and to the point.

Direct connection – Direct response radio advertising gives your business a chance to establish a concrete connection with your potential customers in ways that other media cannot. See our post regarding foreground listening for a more detailed look.

Real and immediate results – Unlike many other advertising venues, radio advertising brings direct (and often immediate) results. Properly constructed and placed ads can make your phones ring and customers come to your door.

Why Having the Right Radio Advertising Partner is Critical to Your Success
As in any industry, professionals who live and breathe radio advertising understand the intricacies involved in the pricing, placement, structure, and specific content of radio advertisements and understand how to set these factors in your favor to make the most effective campaign possible.

In the case of Berk Marketing, we have experts in direct response advertising who have been in the field for decades and have the knowledge and contacts to get your business prime placement for the lowest cost possible. Our staff has been in the radio advertising business for over 30 years, and has contacts at every level – from station and advertising managers, to talent, to production personnel.

Many of our customers have run radio advertising campaigns on their own and were dissatisfied with the results. They came to us with questions about the structure and placement of their ads and wanted to find a way to lower radio advertising costs and increase ROI. We’ve been able to help structure and plan their radio advertising campaigns and get them more cost effective placements through insider knowledge of practices such as remnant radio ad space.

Let Berk Marketing Radio & TV Become Your Radio Advertising Partner
Berk Marketing uses its considerable expertise and experience in the radio advertising industry to help your company get the best rates possible for your direct response radio advertising campaigns and help your business achieve success. Contact us today at 866-747-4707 and let us become your marketing partner.