Advertise on WLTW 106.7 Lite FM

Advertise on WLTW 106.7 LITE FM

Run Radio Ads On WLTW 106.7 LITE FM

WLTW-FM is the #1 rated radio station in New York. This powerful FM radio station known as LITE FM reaches over 5 million listeners every week and has an average quarter hour of over 100,000 listeners. This is HUGE! WLTW 106.7 is the go to station if you want to get your advertising message delivered to a broad, active 25-64 age demographic. Close to 90% of their audience are adults.

Lite FM is owned and operated by Clear Channel Communications which also operates radio stations: KTU 103.5, Z 100, Q 104.3, POWER 105.1 and WALK 97.5.

Berk Marketing Radio & TV is an independent media buying company / Advertising agency that offers access to WLTW-FM and every other radio station in New York or throughout the USA. We provide every aspect of FM radio advertising, remnant pricing, personality reads plus free script writing and production.

To Advertise on WLTW 106.7 LITE FM, or any other radio station in America, call Berk Marketing Radio & TV at 866-747-4707.