How to Start Advertising on Pandora Radio

It has been reported that Pandora has over 30 million listeners every month, so it’s no wonder Pandora Radio advertising is in demand! Pandora offers free radio to their listeners which makes it a very popular place to listen to music.


How to Advertise on Pandora

Run Radio Ads on Pandora:

While someone is listening to Pandora, in between every few songs an advertisement or commercial will play or a banner will appear during a song that the listener can click on be directed to your businesses website or app. The advertisements can be for stores, music, companies, etc.  Many business owners have chosen to put a lot of effort into trying to be advertised on Pandora due to it’s vast popularity. If you really want people to know about your business, taking steps to be advertised on Pandora is surely a great way to get your name out there.

Contact Us!

When you contact Berk Marketing radio & TV, we will help you better understand how to start a Pandora radio advertising campaign. You may have a little trouble getting started on your own and we will help you every step of the way. Below are some of the basic steps that we will give you but it’s best to call us so we can help you understand it much further in detail.

You can contact us, Berk Marketing and Radio at 866-747-4707. You will love how helpful we will be when getting involved with marketing on Pandora. Until then, below are some of the basic steps that you will take during the Pandora process.

County or Zip-code?

Let us know your target counties or target zip-codes. It may be less expensive to target by county, but it’s always we will need this information to proceed.


Radio advertising has never been this targeted! Pandora offers advertisers a premium advertising environment with precise targeting. Looking to reach 35-54 year old men that like country music? Done. 25-54 year old woman in Texas and New York? Done. When you advertise with Pandora, you are offered one display ad per page and three audio ads per hour. Pandora gives advertisers access to targeted demographics. We can select by age, gender, location and genre. Plus Pandora provides full reporting, tracking and ROI measurement.

The Message:

What is the offer or incentive you are wanting to advertise?   Pandora offers a :15 or :30 second audio message in conjunction with a companion banner ad.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Pandora

The cost is dependent on how many users there are within the specific criteria that you are looking for.

We will help you by laying out all of the different areas of advertising on Pandora and give you a guestimate on how much it may end up costing you.

Your business may benefit greatly by advertising on Pandora!

To receive more information about advertising on Pandora contact a media buying company such as Berk Marketing Radio & TV at 866-747-4707