Looking to advertise your business or service on local San Diego TV? Local broadcast TV advertising is a powerful and productive way to introduce your business to captivated prospective consumers in your market area. Most markets in America have local affiliates of national networks ABC, CBS, NBC as well as local independents. In San Diego, the network affiliates are: KFMB-TV Channel 8 [CBS], KGTV-TV Channel 10 [ABC], KNSD-TV Channel 7 [NBC]. The local independent TV stations are KUSI-TV Channel 9 and KSWB-TV Channel 5.

Each channel has their specific programming targeting to various age and lifestyle demographics. There are many ways to advertise on local TV, including morning shows, daytime news, variety shows, court shows and of course evening prime time programming and weekday or weekend sports broadcasts.

TV media planning and buying involves many factors. You need to be able to match your target customer demographic with programs and times that best reach those demographics. Further, you need to make sure that the cost you pay for the advertising time is in line with your ROI efficiencies. Cost per lead or cost per acquisition are important metrics that will determine the success or failure of a campaign. In many cases TV advertising rates are negotiable and can be packaged to fit the needs to each advertiser.

TV spots are typically thirty seconds or sixty seconds in length. These ads can be created to tell your story in a way that can either drive more phone calls to your office or send more clicks to your company website

Many advertisers opt to work with an independent 3rd party media buying service. These media buying services or Advertising Agencies can work with you to create a media plan that is best for you. They will show you plans that showcase which TV stations, programming and budget expenditures are best suited to reach your potential pool of prospective consumers.

Beyond the media buy, an agency or media buying service can also assist is producing your TV commercial. From script concept, storyboards production and spot delivery.

Berk Marketing can help you tell your story through TV advertising on any and all local TV stations in San Diego or in any market in America.

Just send us a note at Results@BerkMarketing.com, or give us a call at 866-747-4707, and let’s talk about advertising on TV in San Diego.